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What IS Real Food?

Posted on November 3rd, 2016 by Piccarreto

At Whitney’s Kitchen, we just kicked off an Eat Real Foods challenge. Several brave souls decided they were “ALL IN”!! Immediately after taking the plunge, the questions began.

What IS real food? Does this count? What about that?

They are not at all alone in their questions and confusion. After all, America is the land of convenience and tricky labels. We tend to skip reading the ingredients and simply trust the items that claim to be Low Fat, No Fat, Non-GMO and Sugar-free. The crazy part is, these claims are NOT always 100% truthful.

So, how do you find real foods to eat?

Step 1. Pick foods that do not require a label. Produce, produce, produce!

This seems obvious, but how often do we avoid this section and rush to the prepackaged items? They might look healthy enough, but did you read the label? Are they packed in oil? Do they contain fructose? Do they require preservatives to keep them from going bad? Does that gorgeous salad only come with a packet of full-fat ranch dressing?

Step 2. Pick items that only have 1 ingredient.

These will mostly be your grains and beans. If you read the bags & boxes, the real ones will only say rice, quinoa, pinto beans, black beans, etc. Canned can still be used for some of these items if you stick to low sodium beans and rinse them extremely well.

Step 3. Read the rest of your packages in their entirety!!

If an item has more than 3-5 ingredients, BEWARE! They normally contain hidden sugars and oils.

Step 4. Avoid/limit oils, sugars, and flours.

Think of words like “refined” and “enriched” as warning signs.

Step 5. Meat in moderation.

Your meat intake should be limited, lean and free range.

Step 6. Avoid dairy.

There are countless plant-based options to replace all dairy products!

We sure make this sound easy, right? In truth, it CAN be!

Did you know:

  • Studies have proven that the more healthy foods you feed your body, the more you begin to crave them. Suddenly your kids Halloween candy doesn’t call to you as loudly as it once did!
  • You will have less issues with bloating AND potentially lose weight.
  • Your skin will look better.
  • You will sleep more soundly.

Add to this the things you CAN’T see:

  • Lowered cholesterol.
  • Lowered risk of diabetes.
  • Cell regeneration AND cell protection.

I could go on. Instead, I will simply leave you with this…

If you eat from the ground up, being your own best healthcare provider will be the easiest job you ever had!!

Congrats to those who joined us on our Real Food Adventure! We wish you ALL a delicious, healing and exciting month!!