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Posted on April 26th, 2017 by Piccarreto
What I love most about plant-based cooking is how versatile it is.

Back in my non-plant-based cooking days I was a slave to recipes. I was terrified to veer from them even the tiniest bit. Exact spices. Exact pan type/size. Exact cooking temperatures and times. Have you purchased a $5 jar of a specific spice so you could use 1/4 tsp for a meal? Then you shove it in your pantry… never to be used again. Guilty as charged!

This is no longer an issue for me! Now I go with my gut (or sometimes a quick google search) to find a substitute. No more wasted money. No more wasted time (yes, 10 minutes of staring at spices wondering where the item you can’t even pronounce is).

I was done and I was free!

With plant-based recipes you can switch and swap just about anything! Don’t have the right bean? Use what you find on your shelf instead. Don’t like my favorite flavor of cumin? Simply omit those flavors and use something else. While my household enjoys the flavor of curry and Mexican, maybe your home prefers tastes of an Italian nature. Nothing wrong with parsley, oregano and basil!

The reality of plant-based cooking is pretty awesome. At the end of the day, a red potato can be used instead of a russet potato. Actually… you can swap the potato all-together and use any root vegetable you have on hand! The flavor might change a little, but odds are good it will STILL taste wonderful!

Are you out of rice for dinner? Oatmeal for breakfast? Use quinoa, use barely. Any grain will do. Did you run out of flax for your green smoothies? Toss in chia seeds or hemp instead. It’ll give you a little variety AND nutrients until you can get back to the store.

We never plan to run out of something before the week is up. Yet, it happens. Don’t allow it to create stress though… Or cause an extra grocery run!

Check out some of our Whitney’s Kitchen recipes. I love to use these for meals, salads and side dishes. Some days I simply use them as jumping off points. Take a look and see what you can make without a trip to the store. You might surprise yourself and your family! I know I have!