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Use What You’ve Got!

Posted on October 12th, 2016 by Piccarreto

I’ve done a lot of reading since I adopted a more plant-based lifestyle. In every book, article… and even documentaries, I keep hearing one constant.

If you eat more plant-based foods, you will crave more plant-based foods.

I brushed this off for a while, but it hit me last week how true it is. We had company. My husband grilled some barbecue chicken and we had salad, rice and fruit for sides. About 10 minutes before dinner was to be served, I realized something. The last thing I was in the mood for was chicken & rice.

What should I do? I know myself. I am a dinner girl and there is no way I was going to fill up on salad and fruit. I opened my pantry and found a can of chickpeas. I decided to whip up a version of our family favorite.

Chick(un) Salad to the rescue!

I was missing a lot of what I normally use when I make it. We like celery and carrots in ours, but I was out of both! Instead, I chopped up some bok choy from my friends garden and a little red cabbage. I put in my vegan mayo, some sweet pickles, a little celery salt and called it done.

When we served dinner I loaded my plate with our Hugh Jass Salad and dropped a heaping scoop of Chick(un) Salad on top. A few splashes of my Frank’s Red Hot, a sprinkle of pepitas and I was all set. It was delicious, filling and SO satisfying! My husband even snagged some and left the chicken for our guests!

I hope your takeaway from this is simple: You don’t have to be a strict Vegan, or even a Vegetarian to be an advocate for plant-based eating. Pay attention to how you are feeling. Odds are good it isn’t salty chips you want, but instead some delicious nuts and sugar snap peas!

Snacks or meals… The more you satisfy your cravings with plant-based foods, the less you will crave those “quick-fix” items.