Unexpected Changes


What are you eating or doing now that you never thought you would be?

“Whole wheat bread and pasta. Non-dairy milk.  For me, it is more about the things I didn’t think I would NOT eat.  I am not eating cheese and meat products.  I was a major cheese eater!  I could eat a whole pound of cheese in a couple of days.  I am no longer drinking milk.  I could drink a 1/2 gallon in a day.  I am drinking a LOT more water than I used to as well.”

“Whole grains and some organic foods.  My spice cabinet has expanded as well!”

“I am eating more fresh veggies and fruit than I ever allowed myself to have before.  I can actually no have a piece of really delicious whole grain bread or a bowl of steel cut oatmeal without feeling I am cheating or doing something wrong.”

“Always thinking of a healthy way to make a meal.”

“I am learning different ways to incorporate beans.  I have tons more options with salad and make my own salad dressing.”

“I am now eating more leafy greens and Nosh Pots.  WAY more plants on my plate.”

Meals without meat!”

“Turnip Greens and strange beans I never knew existed.”


“I carry Hugh Jass Salads with me every day!  I make the overnight oats every week.  I keep adding new things all the time! Spinach and Kale”

“I learned the importance of lemon water for digestion  Meat is not needed at every meal” 

“I am eating quinoa.  I thought I never would.  I am also drinking almond milk instead of milk and I have given up all soda!”

“I am not eating quinoa, garbanzo beans and lentils.” 

“I am now drinking a LOT more water and no more soda!  I drink a green smoothie every day.  I have switched from ranch dressing to low fat.”

“I am cutting back on red meat and chicken.  I was a meat lover.  I am eating WAY more plant baed food and loving it!”

“I am eating more kale and spinach and am off dairy!  I am eating oat groats!”

“I never would have believed I would be eating spinach!  And so much of it!”

“I NEVER thought I’d be putting any type of green in a smoothie!”

“I’ve been working to change my bad breakfast habit. This is where I make my worst choices.”

“Learning to add greens in and it being good!  Eating more at home!”

“I have added more Hugh Jass salads as meals.  I am more active and motivated in in fitness pursuits.”

“I no longer use yogurt in my smoothies.  I use plant based milk and love it!”

“I now eat quinoa, plant based milk and more new foods than I ever imagined.”

“No more snooze button!  16 oz of water before my coffee and preparing for morning the night before gives free time in the morning and less stress”

“I am now eating a Hugh Jass Salad most days of the week.”

“I am not cooking any meats or using any dairy products.”

“I have actually made smoothies instead of ice cream as a treat!”

“I am now eating more plant based food and getting more fiber into my diet.” 

“I am now eating more healthy greens and drinking lemon water.  I never thought I’d be drinking spinach smoothies, and liking them!”

“I never thought I would be walking REALLY early in the morning.”

“Not only am I moving 1st thing in the morning, but I’m trying to find ways to keep moving through the day and it’s working!  I am also trying to input healthier foods and keeping the unhealthy at bay.”