Top Take-Aways


Top Take aways from your 8 Weeks Foundations Class

“I learned:
Pizza is better without the cheese!
You can actually TASTE the vegetables
Simple changes make a great impact on my overall health
Moderation is hard and if you can do it it’s great.
If not, avoid what you can’t moderate.
I deserve to be healthy and happy”

“Brazil nuts can lower cholesterol”

“I actually like whole grains now more than I thought I would!  I know more about nutrition labels and ingredients.  Try new things!  The affects food have on my health, heart, BP, arteries, etc.  Biggest Lesson:  I can do this!”

“I can do something proactive  about my health issues more than I was doing.  How to get all the protein and other nutrients I need from a heavily plant based diet.  Dairy products are not my friends and I really need to leave the as far alone as possible.”

“Love the creative recipes.  Excellent strategies, How health is affected by the food we eat!”

“I’ve learned to make easy, healthy meals.  Eating this way is not expensive.  The information is finally easy to understand.”

“How to organize my life.  How to prepare the night before for the next day.  How to use different ingredients to make healthy meals.  How to cook without oils.  How to eat more plant based foods.”

“The more of this food I eat the less I weigh.  Diet directly impacts how you feel physically and emotionally.  Lemon water is so important for digestion  Exercise is a huge key to this program.  Losing weight is only part of the reward.”

“Ramifications of excess animal protein.  Variety of ways to make veggies and grains.  Interesting desserts.  Lemon/water effect. The research on plant based eating. You can eat as much veggies and greens as you want.  It is to restrictive like diets.  How merely 10,000 steps can make a huge difference.  How food choices are interesting and not restrictive and still have great results  I look forward to eating now!  I am eating a lot more.  Many conditions can be reversed by engaging in this plant based way of life.  genetics don’t fully dictate your future.  I love almond milk! “

“Lack of sleep leads to obesity.  People who get less sleep tend to eat more.  People who get 7.5 hours or more sleep ten to eat less.”

“I learned that food solves health issues  More of the fresh and healthier foods have so many benefits  Great, tasty recipes! ” 

“It’s not as hard as you think to eat well.  This course has been so informative.  I grew up on a diet very similar (my parents followed dietary law) but I strayed as an adult so it was good to share this experience.”

“I never knew I didn’t have to eat meat to get protein I need.  I also never guessed I would like green smoothies and use them as snacks instead of my usual fatty snacks.” 

“I have learned to cook affordable, easy meals that are healthy!  Thank you!”

“Smoothies are actually REALLY good!  Not all veggies have the same value.  Eating a High Fiber diet is not all that bad.  🙂 “

“I never knew that there was something that ranked food for nutrient density.  I learned how to build and establish new habits.  I didn’t know about the connection between inflammation and disease.  I didn’t even know what inflammation was!”

“My stress level and anxiety has decreased significantly.  I think it’s because I feel confident in knowing WHAT to do.”

“Everyone can benefit from this program.  I am Diabetic and my glucose stayed within normal limits after 2 weeks.   Could not ask for better results.”

“This program is great and it really works if you put forth the effort to make the necessary changes.  It will improve your health and lifestyle.  I and my family have been blessed to be a part of this program.  My 11 year old has diabetes.  Her A1C was 6.7 when we began the program, taking 3 pills a day and testing 3 days/week, 2 times each day.  After the program her last visit to the doctor she had lost 15 pounds and her A1c was down to 5.1 The doctor called to say she does to have to test any more unless she is feeling sick.  The medication was reduced from 3 pills a day to 1 pill a day.