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The Definition of Vacation is Not Overindulge

Posted on August 17th, 2016 by Piccarreto

Like most, our vacations used to be an excuse to overindulge with things we normally skipped.  I’ve never liked fast food. Taco Bell during college was the exception because it was all I could afford!  On our annual road trips to MI and IN, we always stopped at the same McDonald’s. After our meal I would immediately become exhausted.  I was useless as a driver and useless as the person trying to keep the driver awake.  I referred to it as The Fast Food Crash.

This year, we’d be logging over 4000 miles on the road, away from home for 16 days. I didn’t want to put all of my Whitney’s Kitchen teachings up on a shelf until we returned. It took a little planning and prep-work, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Step 1: Stock up on lemons.

Step 2: Cooler prep.

Step 3: Snack bag.

Step 4: Hit the store at each stop for salad greens.

Step 5: Make smoothies when I can!

Step 6: Be aware of my choices.

In the end, our vacation was pretty successful. I guessed on my lemons and only ran out the last 2 mornings! Our cooler was amazing! I loaded it with water and even some Gatorade for our boys. I had sugar-snap peas, cherry tomatoes, fruit & sandwiches. I also made chick”un” salad for my husband and I! I put it in disposable containers with tomatoes and spinach on top. It tasted so delicious at our gas station dinner stop! It was filling, but light. Our snack bag was a huge departure too. Granola bars, pretzels, nuts, and rice cakes. The only “bad” item was our family tradition of Twizzlers. It simply didn’t feel right without them! Aside from that, no chocolate, no cookies, no star burst, no pop…

I can’t lie. I did put on a few of pounds. My only defense is a pathetic defense. Rochester, NY is far and away one of the tastiest cities in the country. I ate pizza, I tried new beers, I had my favorite wings and even a couple of sun-dried tomato bagels. My husband and I also finished 2 giant tubs of Wegman’s Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. SO GOOD!! Despite those 3 pounds, I still FEEL good. I didn’t have my normal lethargic letdown upon our return. My lemon water, my ability to make green smoothies 6 of the mornings, my salads and veggies to snack on all kept me from overdoing it.

I enjoyed a vacation, returned with pants that still fit & I feel like I did when I left! I stayed awake in the car when I needed to… even in the dark of night when we still had hours to go. I woke each morning feeling rested and ready to make the most of our day.

Vacation success thanks to the Whitney’s Kitchen voice in my head!!