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Spotlight On… Vickie Copeland!

Posted on June 7th, 2017 by Piccarreto

About the Course(s)

I know you’ve heard the term “sick and tired of being sick and tired”. That was me. My blood pressure was sky high, my cholesterol was over 200 and EVERY joint in my body hurt. I knew I had to do something. I wanted to live life. I didn’t want to die young, yet that is where I was headed. I was heading for a life of countless prescriptions for this ache and that ache, blood pressure medication and cholesterol lowering meds… and who knows what else. When I heard about Whitney’s Kitchen I knew I had to try it. My weight has always been like a yo-yo. Lose fast and gain it all back within a few months, over and over again. I wanted to learn how to change the way I think about food and that’s exactly what happened with Whitney’s Kitchen.

I did not know what to expect the first day I walked in to the CHIP class. My hope was to change the way I think about food. I wanted to learn how to eat healthy, but I also knew if I did not learn anything other than an iceberg lettuce salad and canned tuna, I was not going to be successful. Boy did my world of food open up! I learned there are endless possibilities of food to eat that is not only good for you, but PHENOMENAL tasting!

Do you know my favorite piece of advice that we learned? “Small changes implemented over a long period of time yield great results.” This is my favorite Whitney’s Kitchen quote and it means lot to me. It was the best advice I have received during my journey. This is not a short term fix or something that is one and done. Rather, slow and steady wins the race!

Another thing that resonated deeply with me is the fact that You are your own best health care provider. You are in control. You don’t have to accept the idea that you will always be on certain medications and you can’t do anything about it. YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

I have taken the 8-week foundations course three times along with any other table talks or cooking classes that are available from Whitney’s Kitchen. I do not want to miss ANYTHING. Despite being an “alumni”, I am always learning something!

About the food

There are so many foods that I would never have tried before joining Whitney’s Kitchen. Now, I love them! I’m a typical Southern girl and squash usually came in the form of a casserole and that’s about it. Butternut squash was very surprising to me. We were asked during our Healthy Eating challenge to try something new. I had never tried this hard shelled veggie and I wasn’t sure I would like it. Boy was I wrong! It’s one of my favorites now. It’s been that way with almost every new veggie I try.

Better still, my grocery bill has gone down significantly. I’m no longer buying junk food, sodas and processed prepackaged garbage. All that stuff is so expensive not only to your wallet, but to your health.

A big bonus to Whitney’s Kitchen is the access to healthy and delicious recipes. I have a lot of go to recipes in my arsenal. I would have to say that Chick “un” salad is one of my absolute favorites. Fire Roasted tomato soup is something I make a few times a month… Love the stuff! I will admit, I do have a sweet tooth. However, the Cashew Cookie bars and the Cinnamon-Chicks get me though. I make them at least once a month. They are also my favorites to take with me when I go to a family gathering. Some family members even ask for them now… Which is pretty cool!

About your journey

My life has changed dramatically in so many ways. Before Whitney’s Kitchen my knees would hurt all the time and I couldn’t do a lot of things because of it. Today, I am happy to say that I joined a Cross Fit gym and I am work out every day. I ran a 5k recently and I have never felt better. I have even rubbed off on some of my family members. Several of them are eating healthier and loving life.

Even my 17-year-old son has changed the way he looks at food. Especially fast food. He now asks to eat at places that offer healthier options when out.

Another wonderful thing is the support I receive from my coworkers. Their words of encouragement go a long way with me. Everyone is so supportive and some even come to me for advice.

I think something that has surprised me the most is how I now see food differently. When reading a menu for instance, I look for and crave healthier choices. Another exciting surprise… GETTING OFF THE MEDICATIONS! I thought that I would always be on blood pressure meds. Incorporating some healthy habits has changed that.

These days, I love Cross Fit. It’s my favorite exercise and I often go on my lunch breaks. I also enjoy long walks. It is the best way to relax at the end of the day. Van Fleet trail in Polk City is the best place for my walks. I love this trail. I always see all kinds of wild life. They even have stretching benches along the way so I can stop and do some exercises.

About your numbers

My doctor was shocked at my last yearly checkup at how much my numbers fell. As of today I have lost over 65 pounds. I used to take something every night to help me sleep. Now, that issue is gone and I sleep like a baby. My energy level is through the roof these days and I can accomplish so much more in a day!

I am so grateful to Whitney Cabrera and Whitney’s Kitchen. I’m grateful to the city for offering us the free CHIP class. Between that and the Foundations course, Whitney’s Kitchen has changed my life. I feel the best I’ve ever felt. I am now able to live pain free and medication free… and for those things I am so grateful.