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Small Victories, Big Moments

Posted on December 10th, 2016 by Piccarreto

So often, we base all of our success (or perceived failure) on our bathroom scale. Does this 1 household item really tell our whole story?

There is much more to be told by our blood work. Much more to be told by how our pants fit. There are also tiny victories along the way. Victories that should mean more to us than any scale.

For me, it is my Grandmother’s ring.

My Grandmother was a tiny woman. She was under 5 feet tall and had the smallest fingers. When she passed, I asked her daughters if I could have something to remember her by. They offered up several pieces of jewelry from which I selected a pair of earrings with a matching necklace and a ring. A ring that I knew would never fit me. A ring that I recalled seeing on her hand many, many times.

That was 3 years ago.

Fast forward to a year of mainly plant-based eating, VERY limited dairy and a change in my exercise routine. A couple of weeks ago I pulled out her ring. I can only say that I had a moment of missing her, so I picked it up. Not thinking… I put it on my finger. Imagine my surprise when


I wore her ring all weekend. By Sunday night I realized, it isn’t just a simple case of losing weight according to my scale. It is about how my healthy choices have reduced the bloating that I had for so many years assumed was “just my shape”.

My new habits have left me with some pretty great side-effects that my scale doesn’t recognize.

  • No more belly bloat once I cut out dairy
  • No more headaches & limited cravings after I cut back on sugars
  • Less bloat throughout my body (fingers included!) which I am guessing might be from swapping chips for fresh vegetables at snack-time
  • Less pimples which I attribute to drinking enough water

We are all different. How we each measure our success is also different. Be sure you celebrate YOUR successes, no matter how big or small!

And NEVER judge yourself based solely on your bathroom scale. It only tells 1 tiny piece of your story!