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Searching for a Sign

Posted on March 22nd, 2017 by Piccarreto

People wonder all the time how we get our kids to eat the things they do. Our answer is always simple. It is what we put on the table. After a few tears, they realized Mom & Dad meant business. Dinner was dinner… no questions asked.

As they get older, I realize how important it is to shake up our meals. After all, if we ever feel bored, imagine how they might feel. I often ask myself if this battle is worth it. I have seen countless friends cave in. Yet, I persist… All the while seeking signs that my decision is worth the effort.

Yesterday I saw a sign… In the form of red bananas.

We play the Try Something New Game a lot in our house. We show our kids that we too are willing to branch out and taste test new things. We watch ‘Chopped’ and wonder if we could cook with, let alone eat, the basket they had. Most often, I am the instigator in this game.

Yesterday they all came grocery shopping with me. We were almost done. Always produce last and I saw them whispering… You know your children are plotting when they are whispering! Finally they coaxed one brother to approach me and ask the 1 thing they are never supposed to ask me in the grocery store.

“Can we buy those?”

See, their Mom doesn’t deviate from the shopping list and she is NOT a fan of begging. After 12, 10 & 8 years with me, they know this and they know this well. How do you say NO to them wanting to try something new (AND HEALTHY) though?! NO to them following the example that you’ve spent years working on?!

So, much to their surprise, I said “YES!”. We bought a bunch of 6 (1 for each of us and 1 for Pop who is visiting) and we all had one with our dinner that night.

These magical red bananas didn’t taste any different than the bananas we always buy. Somehow though, they were SO much better. They were the sign I’d been seeking. They were a perfect addition to our eggplant dinner. Another try something new win from years ago that was permanently added to our rotation!

Those red bananas were the reminder I needed that our children are constantly watching us. Learning from us. Following our lead. To most, they only saw a red banana in my cart. To me, I saw a happy and healthy future for the people I love the most in this universe!