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Restaurant Lesson

Posted on March 29th, 2017 by Piccarreto

Since changing our eating style, I have grown nervous about restaurants. Eating out is currently so rare for us it has become the equivalent of Disney to our kids!

Yesterday I found myself in a bit of a pickle. It was my Dad’s birthday. Our kids wanted to take him out and had selected a pizza place. On top of that, I was about town with my Dad when we suddenly realized it was lunch time. A few text messages and I found myself seated in a Thai place for lunch with him and my husband.

I felt slightly panicked. If you find yourself in a place that offer’s Vegetarian, Vegan or even simply low-calorie, you STILL don’t necessarily know what is IN it. After all, if reading labels has taught me anything it is that often times calories are replaced with sugars and sodium.

I am pretty active. Honestly, I would rather run an extra mile to burn excess calories when the alternative is potential sodium bloat.

After careful review I think I did okay with my choices. I had the most delicious Pad Thai. I even stepped out of my comfort zone and asked for the tofu! I LOVE tofu, but I always make it at home. I like mine to have some flavor and I was worried it would only be warmed through. Luckily it was perfectly cooked/seasoned and the whole meal (including my Thai salad because I needed some extra greens and vegetables) was delicious!

Dinner wasn’t quite as successful, but I worked with what I had. Our kids were insistent it was pizza for all. My Dad also loves his veggies. We found a pizza with spinach, tomatoes and pesto for us to share. It kept me from eating the WHOLE thing alone and at least I still had some greens.

Here is my takeaway from my day of TWO meals out.


For some of you calories are the issue. For others, like me, sodium is the bane of your existence. Still others it is hidden sugars, gluten, nuts… The list goes on. If you KNOW yourself though, no matter what table you are seated at (restaurant or a friends house) you can make conscious decisions that won’t completely throw you off track.

I slept well. I woke refreshed. I had a relaxing 5 mile run this morning. I feel 100% normal.

Lesson (or at least MY takeaway): An odd day doesn’t have to send us back down the rabbit whole!