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Raspberry Pecan Salad

Serving Size: 2

A simple and refreshing salad you can have year round simply by keeping some frozen raspberries in your freezer!

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6 oz organic spinach

1/2 c fresh or frozen raspberries defrosted

1/4 pecans unsalted and unroasted (buy extra and keep in the pantry)

Try Ken’s Lite or Skinny Girl Brand Dressing Just be sure whatever you choose is fat free….or see below!

OPTIONAL SALAD DRESSING: (This is catapulting you to lesson 7....but if you think you’re ready...give this incredibly delicious, healthy and simple dressing a try.

1/2 c raspberry preserves (low sugar, of course)

1/8 c balsamic or red wine vinegar (or whatever kind of vinegar you have on hand)

1/2 c cashews or tofu

1/2 c water 

Blend well and enjoy the huge flavor on your palate and the satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re not only doing great things for your body... but that you’re just plain DOING IT! You are being your own best health care provider! Congratulations. Your cells are singing!



Place leafy greens in blender. Add frozen fruit and almond milk. Blend to your desired consistency. Enjoy!


-Keep a bag or two of frozen berries in your freezer year round. They’re always frozen at the peak of ripeness and will save you time and $$.
-If you have picky children (or spouse) serve the green version of this smoothie in a colored cup with a lid and straw. They’ll love it!