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Posted on February 23rd, 2017 by Piccarreto

I spoke last about simplifying when we feel overwhelmed.

I also talked back in July about the art of Mise en Place.

Imagine my surprise when these 2 things collided!

I spent a little over a week allowing myself to take it easy. Less ingredients, less decisions, less confusion. Instead of planning elaborate meals, I considered what foods I was craving. I contemplated what meals we had not prepared lately. I even made a conscience effort to be aware of my body. Was I eating due to true hunger, or boredom?

An AMAZING thing happened. The fog in my head cleared!!

I sat down the other day and in the amount of time it used to take me to plan one week of meals, I planned the ENTIRE month of March! Plus, the 2 weeks left leading up to it! Nosh Menu System meal prep has honestly changed my life. Like we learn during our Foundations course: Duplicating ingredients doesn’t mean duplicating meals!  I am reusing countless ingredients in several, imaginative ways!

45 meals!!

I haven’t felt this relaxed in a LONG time. Do you know what the bonus to all of this is? The meal calendar was ‘2-thumbs up approved’ by my husband AND all 3 of our kids… Without any complaints! To satisfy yourself and your whole family is such an incredible feeling.

Cooking for my family means everything to me. While I appreciate the occasional dinner out, it is not lost on me that the conversation and quality time is not the same.

I prefer our dinners at home. I prefer our kids being able to be silly. I prefer knowing that a waitress isn’t going to sneak our kids an electronic device to play with while we wait. I prefer being able to talk without the background noise. I even prefer being able to sometimes eat dinner in our pajamas.

I happily took on the job of main dinner planner when we moved to Florida. No matter how much we WANT to do something, it can still wear on us a bit. I think taking a small step back, to refresh, was exactly what I needed.

I am ready to go! I am ready for March!

I am ready to enjoy some standby favorites and to try a few new things!

I am ready to feed my family an arsenal of plants!!

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces. Just good food from fresh ingredients.” ~Julia Child

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