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My Battle with Mushrooms

Posted on May 3rd, 2017 by Piccarreto
We all have things we are working on. For me, it is a battle with mushrooms.

I have always despised mushrooms. I sometimes wonder if my issue with them stems from my Dad. I spent my childhood listening to stories of how he disliked them. He used to hide them in the cuffs of his pants until his sister caught him. He forgot to empty them once and she found them while doing laundry!

Or, do they simply not tickle my taste-buds the way they do for others?

What I DO know is this. They are incredibly good for you and I’m not ready to give up on them yet. After all, they offer numerous health benefits. They are said to help lower cholesterol, protect against breast AND prostate cancer, are high in iron which is great if you are anemic, rich in calcium, boost your immune system and could help with weight loss if that is your goal. Add in the numerous nutrients, vitamins and minerals they offer… well.. just go for it, right?

I’m not the only anti-mushroom person in our house. Our kids have ALL heard Pop’s mushroom story. Needless to say, if they find them in a stir fry, only 1 kid will eat them. My husband could take them or leave them.

Last night, I got creative.

I made a broccoli soup, but I added mushrooms. THEN, I took out some broccoli and whipped the rest into a smooth soup with my immersion blender. I put the broccoli chunks back in (because our kids like soup they can chew) and called it done.

Miracle of miracles, we ALL ate it without a second thought. I told my husband after dinner what I had done. He laughed and was actually pretty proud of my deceptive dinner. We agreed to a minor change in the seasonings, but I promise I will make this again.

It isn’t always easy when we change our habits. Knowledge IS power though. Knowing the benefits is enough to keep me trying! I promise you this:

Someday… Someday I will try a portabella burger!