Pre-Course State


Week 8 includes an anonymous evaluation.  The answers reflected here are from those evaluations and therefore do not have a name attached.  As each individual is unique, so is the broad range of changes reflected here.  They are posted to give you encouragement and hope that things will change quickly.

Describe your physical and mental state before beginning our program:

“I considered myself in “good : physical and mental health.  I ate relatively well, a lot of “lean meats”, vegetables and a low quantity of sweet foods.  I was slightly over my ideal body weight but not a lot.  I did not carry a lot of excess body fat.  i worked out with moderate intensity at least twice a week, but my job can be sedentary

“I have been a type 2 diabetic for 20 years and have been told by all of the medical practitioners that I have dealt with that I am doing well.   Having been a diabetic that long all I could expect was a steady decline.  I never liked that answer and always thought there should be more that I could do to help the situation.  I have tried every diet that came along and many crazy things that I thought up or heard about.  (None of which worked for very long, if at all).  I have always described myself and thought of myself as fat and getting fatter all the time my health’s always been the most frustrating part of my life and the part where I felt I had the least control. “

“This program was truly a blessing to me and came along at a time when I had just decided to make some crucial health changes in my life.  This was just what I needed. “

“I thought this program would be “more of the same”, but I believe it’s the best course I’ve ever taken on HOW to eat well.  it was better and more personally geared towards ME!  This lifestyle is easy and affordable.”

“I expected to hear more of what I already knew….but instead I learned ALOT!”

“I had no idea what to expect.  I thought it was going to be boring but I was surprised.  It was surprisingly great information.”

“I thought it would be motivating but didn’t expect so much great information!”

“I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect.  The first few weeks I looked ahead at the videos online to get “mentally prepared”.  That helped me be ready to just “go with it” after the session.”