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It Just Makes Cents

Posted on May 24th, 2017 by Piccarreto

We talk during foundations, at Table Talks and in our Facebook group constantly about the health benefits of plant-based eating. It makes sense and honestly, it is a pretty easy change to make if we are willing to make it. The #1 issue for most people seems to be, “Isn’t it more expensive?” I’ve talked about this in a previous post and my answer is still the same. No!

It makes sense AND cents!!

The reality is, a few changes in your normal shopping habits and you could actually SAVE money. My favorite money saving tips are pretty simple:

  1. Dried beans. Cook ahead and freeze them in smaller portions. Major saver!!
  2. Check local fruit stands. Here in Florida, most are open year round. I pass one three times per week that always has $0.99 cantaloupes. Stores sell them for $2-3 dollars each! Might as well stop when I pass by, right?
  3. Freeze things before they go bad. If your fruit is starting to go, freeze it for future smoothies. Veggies can be blanched and frozen as is, OR cook and freeze a Nosh Pot for a future meal. Stop throwing away perfectly good food!
  4. Take advantage of free programs. I do most of our weekly shopping at Walmart these days. They have a program called the Savings Catcher. You can load up to 7 receipts per week and they will check it for better sales. If they find a deeper discount they will give you the money back! Since I started it I have earned over $40.00 in gift cards to use toward our groceries!
  5. Figure out what you use per week and plan ahead. I save a lot by getting my greens at Sam’s Club. A larger package for a lower price. I used to go there for meats. Now we keep our membership for kale, spinach, salad, quinoa and nuts. Believe it or not, for our family of 5, the membership is still worth it!

Take a little time to think through your habits, do a tiny bit of research and then simply put forth the effort. We already know you can handle a few minor lifestyle changes. If saving some cents makes sense to you, believe me when I say…

It IS possible!!