Insights and Final Thoughts on my Whitney’s Kitchen Foundations Experience

“This has been an amazing experience for me.  It has been a complete paradigm shift.  I thought I was eating relatively well and it turns out that I was not  By making the suggested changes I not only have lost a little bit of weight but I feel better.  I am more energetic.  I fall asleep easier and sleep deeper.  I have an easier time exercising and in some extent like it!  This new lifestyle is one that I will continue to follow, gather more resources and grow from this.  Thank you Whitney, for your encouragement and support.  Without your guidance none of this would have been possible.”

“Whitney is terrific.  Her enthusiasm and encouragement at every meeting helped me through .  She is truly passionate about the program and presents it well.  I looked forward to each meeting because if I needed a boost to keep me going, I knew Whitney would re-energize me.  It also helped to hear others share their stories, ideas and questions.  I would support anyone that wants to try this program!”

“I’m so very happy I was chosen for this class.  This is the beginning of a healthier better me and I’m already so many more steps on that journey because of the great guidance and help you’ve given us all.  Thank you for convincing the City to try this program.  I really hope they do it again for more people because it is such a worthwhile program.  Thank you for sharing your passion and energies with us all”

“As a matter of fact, yes!  Whitney is brilliant, she has a special way of making the EXCELLENT!”

“Please don’t stop!  You’re doing a great service to the community.”

“I truly enjoyed how this program impacted my life and the lives of my co-worker.”

I traded my meds for fruits and veggies AND IT WORKED!  Whitney is a wonderful teacher and I so do not want this class to end.  however, this is just the beginning for me  Looking forward to more changes and enjoying life.”

“I recently had a stroke.  I was blessed and able to recover almost all of the damage the stroke caused  I was told I am prone to have future strokes  The only things I could do to reduct that chance is to lose weight control BP ad reduce stress.  I needed a jumpstart!  This class gave me that chance and to date I have lost 27 pounds and have energy to exercise more to include Zumba Classes.  I have more energy and a better outlook on y future outcomes  Thank you for the opportunity.  I think overbite I eat ad know what choices I need to make and now I now I don’t have to starve to lose weight!  Thank you! “

“I came into this program being somewhat aware of good food choices.  However, I found I have way more to learn  Although the program and video series are wonder, I find Whitney’s tips ad personal experiences stood out the most and made this program relatable.  Her enthusiasm for this program was very much contagious and her easy to replicate recipes were delicious!  Thank you, OMS!”

“The videos were excellent!  I wish we had about 30 minutes longer each session.”I have made great progress, lost 20 lbs, come off one of my meds, but I still have quite a way to go.  Won’t be satisfied until I reach my goal.”

“What we eat is what we are.  There’s a world of great spices out there.  There are grains and legumes and beans to discover  Be creative with foods.  Nosh Pots are fabulous.”

“The Nemo demonstration was an eye opener.  It makes me think every time I go to eat what kind of environment I’m setting up for my cells.”

“Love the  recipes and the Nosh Menu System!  Having new ways of pre-preparing things I can transport to eat at work is priceless.”

“I have added the long missing link to my eating habits!  I love this!  My 10 year old drinks plant based milk smoothies instead of dairy.” 

“I have learned how to eat healthier and understand (finally) that I am my own best health care provider.  The routines Whitney helped me establish makes my life a lot easier.”

Whitney and her staff are incredible, caring people  I’m so grateful I was able to participate in this program. They are so full of knowledge.  They jumpstarted me to embrace healthy living.

“Breakfast smoothies have changed my life.  I have learned to prepare for the day which makes me feel in control and purposeful.  I’ve learned to fit walking and moving into my day at work and am losing weight!”

“I have learned to make small changes…instead of tackling huge new habits.  I was challenged to consider the “quality of life” that I want.  I am motivated to share these healthier habits with my children”

“When I started this program I expected to learn how to make very healthy, hard to make, expensive foods.  It was just the opposite!  I have learned to make very healthy, easy to make, inexpensive foods.”

“I thought this class was very indirect, meaning there were no forceful or uncomfortable indications of not eating or trying everything.  I was free to get involved on my own terms, and I did!”

“I expected to hear how to eat better and work out more.  This program was based on information.  I liked that this course told us HOW and WHY to make the better decisions.  I also learned that frozen onions save a lot of time and $, along with froze berries…and that convenience makes it easier to eat right.”

“Excellent program.  Keep up the good work.  You are gong to help a lot of people.  Thank you for helping me.”

“I had never heard of plant based eating before.  (only vegan and vegetarian).  Forks Over Knives brought it home for us.  I’ve learned that chickpea and smoothies are amazing! And I love the Hugh Jass Salads!”

” Sex lasts longer.”

“Hey!  Great food!  I learned a lot about food and what healthy that healthy things aren’t all bad!”

“Great information!  I appreciated the winsome way with which the material was presented.”

“I love the new night time and morning routine.  It really helps me get out the door without stressing!  I am eating more whole grains, green smoothies and lemon water.  Nosh Pots are a staple in my kitchen as well as a few new whole grains I am cooking.” 

“This was enjoyable and better than I anticipated.

“I started a low cal diet and this course has helped me make the BEST of the calories I am now eating.”

” I learned that I could accept and make little changes, one at a time.  This course was an answer to prayer  I’ve done weight watchers, counting calories with success but felt it was too “foo focused”.  I needed to know how to eat right and change my lifestyle from the inside out.”

“I have learned ways to MOVE that fit into my life.  I have learned to respect myself enough to fill up with healthy fuel and to try new things, one little step at a time.  Thank you Whitney, and the other facilitators!”