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Goal Setting

Posted on March 16th, 2017 by Piccarreto

I am a list lover. This past year I switched from post-it notes to notebooks. I can keep my lists in one place rather than losing them in the abyss that is sometimes our counter.

As I was switching to a new notebook this week, I realized this spiral home was not simply a place for grocery lists. It was also where I wrote down goals AND marked them accomplished!!

To be 100% honest… I didn’t even realize I was doing this.

Goal Setting is defined as the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish and establishing measurable goals and time-frames.

Many of us set goals, intentionally and apparently accidentally! Athletes, business folks, students, stay-at-home parents… The is no limit to WHO sets goals, or what KIND of goals. My favorite though…

Personal goals.

I see personal goals as self motivation. Years ago my personal goal was simple. Lose baby weight. It seemed to take forever. Why? Because I didn’t have a real plan and I hadn’t set a time-line for myself. I was also attempting to accomplish this task alone.

Today my goals are more specific and ALWAYS include a goal date. Setting goals is a hidden gem I learned during the 8-week Foundations Course. What we are taught each week helps us accomplish the goals we continuously add in… AND keep them up!

I do best when I have someone to help keep me honest. Even when the goal is mine alone, it helps to have a friend to talk to. Whether I am succeeding (or struggling) I NEED my support system.

My current notebook lists the following goals (among others):

  • Run 1,000 miles in 2017
  • Read 24 books in 2017
  • Complete a March pushup challenge

The first and second I am doing on my own. My family and friends are cheering me along. The third I roped my husband into. Some goals are fun… even easy. Running is natural for me after all these years, reading is relaxing. I wanted a new challenge and pushups are my lifelong nemesis. I hit my 90 second plank goal and I STILL do them after every run. I needed something new. Thankfully my husband said “yes” and we haven’t missed a day yet. Between us, rest days are my favorite, but I am getting there! If we make it to the end of the month, we will have completed 505 pushups each!

I believe the most important thing about setting goals is to WRITE THEM DOWN. If you see it every day it will help keep you honest and on track. Food goals. Movement goals. Kindness goals. Try something new goals. WRITE THEM DOWN and accomplish them!

If you are ready to set a NEW goal, or need support reaching a CURRENT goal, don’t miss out on our upcoming April Wellness Challenge. I suspect those of you who join the challenge will be CRUSHING your goals!!