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Foundations and Me

Posted on March 8th, 2017 by Piccarreto

“Small changes, implemented over a long period of time yield GREAT results.”

This is an important phrase at Whitney’s Kitchen. For a while, I assumed this idea would only matter in terms of keeping my cholesterol down and perhaps shedding a few pounds. Here is what I didn’t expect.

Easier workouts!

I am a runner. I have been for several years. I spent many of those years powering through cramps, trudging along with what felt like a lead weight in my gut and overeating as soon as I returned to my house. The more miles I logged… the more snacks I consumed.

Enter Whitney’s Kitchen and all we learn during the 8-week Foundations Course.

Since October of 2015, I have been 90-96% faithful to what I learned. I say that because I am not 100% plant-based or vegan. I eat a small portion of meat once or twice per week. Every 6 months I treat myself to a small ice cream. However, it is always planned. I have less issue saying “No thank you.” to things that are not part of my plan now too.

These past several months I have noticed a few things.

  • When I feel I am slugging along, my pace is normally 30-60 seconds faster than I assumed!
  • I have muscle definition where I NEVER saw it before! (My arms, stomach, upper thighs…)
  • I can hold plank position for 90 seconds! (Last year I could only make it 30 seconds.)
  • I can do push-ups again… without stopping!
  • If the humidity is under 95%, I run cramp-free!
  • I no longer crave carbohydrates when I return from my run. I enjoy my water. I relax a bit. When I am ready, I make my green smoothie.

I know I log a lot of miles. I always have. Yet, these new things that are happening never happened before!  Now, they are noticeable… and exciting!! People warned me that I would be “starving”, “underfed” and “lethargic”. How wrong they were! Instead, the exact opposite happened!

I feel full and content. I no longer stare at the clock wondering when I can eat again (all the while counting calories and checking in on the scale). I have MORE energy than I did before. I honestly believe my plant-based eating is the ‘why’ behind my logging comfortable miles AND being able to do those planks and push-ups!

There are countless athletes adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Runner’s, body builders, dancer’s, swimmer’s, cyclist’s… The list goes on.

The simple truth is this: With proper information, knowledge of yourself & your numbers and a healthy routine… your quality of life can and WILL change!

You Don’t Have to Eat Less, You Just Have to Eat Right