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Feed Your Brain

Posted on August 25th, 2016 by Piccarreto

When my 8-week Whitney’s Kitchen course ended, I found myself curious for more information. There is no better place for information than books! Sure, the internet is convenient, but is it all true?

I recently spotted one at the library that caught my attention. ‘Power Foods for the Brain’ by Neal D. Barnard. My family watched my Uncle’s quick decline due to Pick’s disease. It is a specific form of dementia. After that, one can’t help but overreact each time you forget/misplace/confuse something that was before… always simple.

Dr. Barnard’s book was fantastic. Easy to read, packed with information and even simple recipes if you need ideas. Plenty of suggestions about how to “protect your mind and strengthen your memory”.

The information about metals (copper, iron, zinc) was very interesting. How much we need, where it comes from, why most of us have too much of them in our system. Most importantly, the reminder that the amount of aluminum the human body needs is ZERO. Most of us are aware of the links they have found between aluminum and Alzheimer’s. However, it is shocking the amount of things aluminum is hidden in!

My favorite portion was about vitamins (E, B, folate). I worry a lot about whether I am getting what I need and if it is coming from the right places. I prefer to eat my vitamins rather than relying on pills. However, for some things, we have little choice. Fun Fact: Folate is in foods with foliage and has been associated with considerably less hearing loss at the frequencies associated with speech.

For many, this book will be a nice reminder about the importance of Plant-based eating and several other values we hold dear at Whitney’s Kitchen. A reminder about the importance of sleep, how the medications we take affect other aspects of our bodies and even the why behind those pesky food cravings.

I urge you all to continue your education when it comes to what you put on your fork and why. After all, it is YOUR body!