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Every Journey is Personal

Posted on May 10th, 2017 by Piccarreto

Each year as Mother’s Day approaches I am reminded of my personal journey. It is a quiet anniversary for me. My first Mother’s Day was actually the day we brought our first child home from the hospital. Several years later it was the day I realized it was time to focus on myself. If I really wanted to be the type of Mom I believed I was capable of… The type of Mom I believed our kids deserved, I had some changes to make.

It has been several years since I gave myself that lifestyle overhaul. Each Mother’s Day I reassess how far I’ve come, my current needs, and where I hope I am going (or staying at this point). Throughout my journey I started with foods, added in exercise and then I joined Whitney’s Kitchen.

Most of us start a health kick because our pants feel tight, the scale registers a number that makes us gasp or our doctor recommends it. Yet, the “diet” we choose is most often a fad diet. A wagon we risk falling off of as soon as the issue we are trying to correct is righted. While I had a great jump-start, it was Whitney’s Kitchen that taught me the WHY within my journey. The science to help me understand things I still needed to adjust and things to continue doing. I gained the confidence I needed to also get my family on the road I was traveling. I learned what was happening IN my body rather than focusing on what it looked like. This was my game-changer!

We all have a story and a private anniversary of sorts. Don’t let yours pass without acknowledging it. See how far you’ve come. Make a plan about where to go next. We may veer off our path at times (vacations can be brutal!), but it doesn’t mean we have to stay there. Gain knowledge, keep your focus and talk to your support system. Allow the simple steps from the Foundations Course help you stay (or get back) on track.

You ARE worth it!!