Energy Changes


Have you experienced changes in energy?  How so?

“I am more energetic.  My energy levels are much more balanced.  I do not have peaks and troughs in my energy.  No 2:00pm drowsiness.”

“Because of some weight loss, I am moving more and not feeing so sluggish”

“My energy level has improved over all.  I don’t feel like I am just dragging myself from place to place like I did before. ” 

“I’ve experienced excitement and hope.”

“I feel better but I just need to make more time to focus on workouts.”

“I feel better and love the support of our group!”

“Yes!  I have reduced my carbs significantly and fill up now on greens and non-starchy veggies.  I find I have more energy with lighter meals.  I love it! This whole process has motivated me to do more research on my personal health”

“Yes.   I have energy well into the late evening without pain. “

“Yes.  I wake up ready to go.  Weight reduction also helps with energy. “

“Way more!”

“I have more energy and best of all, less lag times.”

“Absolutely!  Especially after drinking my green smoothie.  I am not as tired and lethargic in the morning.”

“Most definitely.  I have more energy and am sleeping much better!”

“My energy seems to be consistent throughout the day.”

“I have MUCH more energy in the afternoons.”

“I am not as prone to the 3:00pm slump!”

” I have less stress and lots more energy (and regular bowel movements)”

“I have more energy that starts just a little ways into my morning walk.”

“I find that when I follow this regime like I want to, I can tell a huge difference.  I can also tell a huge difference on Monday morning when I don’t.”

My stamina is lasting longer through the day.  I’m also getting a better night’s sleep.”

“I have had a slight energy increase and am now able to get up out of bed with the usual dragging process.”