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Emotions & Food

Posted on June 14th, 2017 by Piccarreto

For many of us, eating becomes connected to our emotions. Often times this connection goes unnoticed (or at least ignored!).

How many of us spend our visits with family around the kitchen table? A cup of coffee in hand and a plate of Italian cookies in the center. How many of you associate Sunday with Mom or Grandma serving up ALL your favorite comfort foods for dinner? How many of you look at a gallon of ice cream with gratitude because there were times during high school when that tub was your quiet friend after a very rough day?

All of these things are me, but I have no doubt others understand where I am coming from. Over the years, I have learned to be more aware of my triggers. Why? Because I absolutely fall into the category of Emotional Eater.

How in the world does one battle this? After all, emotions are a strong trigger that you can not simply turn off. 30 years since he passed, but I still think of my Grandpa (and hear the sound of him sneaking around the kitchen at 1 am) every time I see a chocolate chip cookie. This memory is my sole reason to explain why Cookies = Love and Comfort within my brain. After many discussions with cousins, I learned I am not alone.

The answer to my issue is simple. SUPPORT SYSTEM. Over the years, I have created a circle of trust that I can lean on… judgement free.

I message my husband constantly on First Days of School because I have trouble dealing with the sudden silence. He keeps me sane and capable of making healthy choices. I also do this after I drop our company off at the airport when I return home to an empty house.

I have a handful of friends… all a phone call or text away. A 10 minute chat during lunch, a 15 minute skype session over a cup of tea, or a visit with my neighbor. These little moments help keep my head on straight.

My dog. A snuggle, a walk around the block for some vitamin D… Sometimes she is the greatest support I could ever have.

I have even added Whitney’s Kitchen to my support system. Some days, scrolling through our Facebook feed gives me the boost I need. I am often inspired by others journeys, creative juices start flowing when I see recipes, and I am reminded that I am worth every healthy choice I make.

I have had 2 rough days this week. Yet, I looked at my children, I accepted hugs from my husband, and I reread my favorite quote several times…


Rough days will happen on occasion, but you don’t need to fall down the rabbit hole. A support system you trust is priceless, so take the time to build yours.