Physical Changes


What were your exact changes in biometrics, weight, lab results and symptoms?

“HDL-20% from 60-84
Triglycerides 8% from 49-45
LDL 17% from 113-94
Total Choleterol 21% from 207-163
A1C 6% (from 10.4-9.8
Weight 8 lbs. from 138-130
Waist down 2 inches”
I lost 4 inched in my waist.

“BP came way down to normal range
Total Cholesterol down 27 points
LDL down 14 points
Triglycerides down 39 points”

“A1C 9.6 to 8.1 in only 6 weeks (I had my blood work early)
Total Cholesterol:  150-106 (down 44)
LDL  65-43 (down 22)”

“Down 23 pounds (so far) and living pain free!) “

“Better circulation in my legs and male parts.”

“I lost 27 pounds.
My blood pressure is now normal.
I am still on bp meds because my neurologist did not want to take me completely off for now.”

“I have lost about 20 pounds, am down 3 dress sizes.  I haven’t had my labs done yet but am anticipating amazing changes.”

“I seem more alert and have little if any inflammation in my shoulders.”

“My aches and pains are almost non-existent.”

“I lost 54 pounds!”

“With the loss of a little excess weight, I have gotten some of my flexibility back”

“I am now much more “regular!”

“I have lost 8 pounds in 8 weeks without trying.”

“I now have better digestion.”

“I have lost 20#.  My hgbA1c is down from 5.9-5.4.”

“I began the class with back pain/issues.  I am not waking up and making it through the day without pain!  Thank you!”