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A Journey Toward Health

Posted on August 2nd, 2017 by Piccarreto
Health journeys, no matter the direction we head, are incredibly personal. After a certain age, we have to allow people to make their own choices. We can give them the information, the steps, the why and they can then do with it what they choose.

I have been mainly plant-based for over a year and a half. In June I decided to go ALL IN and see if I missed anything. Truth be told, I didn’t… at all! My family seemed shocked by how easy it was for me.

Two weeks ago, 2 of our kids (ages 12 & 10) decided to go plant-based. 1 is all in and 1 opted for a piece of apple chicken sausage last weekend, but he is still doing it. He switched himself to almond milk and hasn’t asked me to buy yogurt (which if you knew him, you’d realize is a HUGE deal!).

Add to this, my husband. My meat and potatoes man. Since we returned from our Summer vacation, he has been allowing me to make him a green smoothie for his morning snack. He happily takes it to work and has finally admitted they are, “pretty tasty”. 2 days ago he emailed me and said he has been doing a lot of thinking about dairy. He said he is ready to let it go.

Part of me wanted to jump from the rooftops with joy. The other part of me knew it was best if he did this with proper knowledge and an open-mind. I emailed him 2 links that helped me when I took the leap. One from the people who brought us ‘Forks over Knives’ and one from Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of ‘The China Study’. I told him that his decision made me happy, but I still asked him to quickly read them. I wanted to be sure he had the information to make an informed decision on his own.

While I’ve always ensured my family eats healthy, I never expected them to change everything they were used to because I did. Knowing what I know now, continuing to learn how our choices can impact our future selves, well… I’m all in! I love these guys more than anything and keeping them happy and healthy (along with myself) is priority #1 for me.

We do use honey in our house, so vegans we are not. We have become more and more plant-centric though which is something I am grateful for. There is so much information and research out there. Once you get past the “click-bait” and find the reputable sources; the answers, the choices, the decisions become immensely easier!