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Variety is the SPICE of Life!

Posted on February 8th, 2017 by Piccarreto
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One of the ways I keep it interesting in my house is by shaking up our meal flavors with spices. The more research I do about the spices we use, the more I realize how magical these flavors are!!

Here are a few of our favorites, along with some of their health benefits AND what we enjoy tossing them in!

Garlic: Heart Health! We both hail from Italian families, so I won’t lie. We toss garlic in everything! Fresh cloves roasted with our potatoes, or spoonfuls tossed into almost every dish we make. Sauces, soups, side dishes and dips… In it goes!!

Cinnamon: Helps stabilize blood sugar and has an anti-diabetic effect. We use cinnamon in our chili’s, french toast, mixed in fresh coffee grounds, sprinkled on oatmeal and in chia puddings.

Parsley: Cancer prevention. I chop this for salads, on pasta, on potatoes and/or a healthy sprinkle on top of a Nosh Pot!

Basil: Fight Infections and boost immunity. Similar to parsley… In our house these two are interchangeable!

Rosemary: Mental focus, allergy prevention, fights nasal congestion. Rosemary is delicious on potatoes, in soup and with dips. Try mixing some vegan mayo with fresh rosemary and a squirt of fresh lemon. This makes the BEST condiment for wraps. We have even used it in the Whitney’s Kitchen fan favorite Chick(un) Salad!

Cayenne/Chile Pepper: Appetite suppressant and boosts metabolism. I sprinkle this in soups and sauces. We also like it tossed into our bean burger mixtures. If you still eat eggs or meats, it adds a lot of flavor if you use it in a rub.

Turmeric: Reduces inflammation and might inhibit tumors. I mostly use this in soups. I have been experimenting lately with turmeric teas as well. I am still mastering my measurements, but I’m getting there!

Saffron: Mood booster and relieves PMS. I don’t use this as often as I’d like, but I’m still learning. We do like it with potatoes and mixed into our homemade dips.

Sage: Improves brain function AND preserves memory. Sage is another one I’m still working on. While I don’t eat much meat anymore I have learned that the 1 place I really like sage is with chicken. That being said, we don’t use it often… yet.

Peppermint: IBS relief and helps reduce nausea. With all this talk of spices and food, if ever you feel some discomfort, consider peppermint tea! I personally am known in my house for using fresh mint leaves in my water. There is nothing more comforting and delicious than sliced cucumber and fresh mint in a glass of water!!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new flavors. One tsp of some of these, even just once per week, can have a HUGE impact on your overall health!