Early Changes


Week 8 includes an anonymous evaluation.  The answers reflected here are from those evaluations and therefore do not have a name attached.  As each individual is unique, so is the broad range of changes reflected here.  They are posted to give you encouragement and hope that things will change quickly.

Describe the first changes you noticed while participating in the 8 week Foundations Course.

“I looked leaner, My muscle tone was more pronounced and I could see definition where I could not see it before”

“It was physical.  I’d had a swollen knee for a long time (a year or so) and it started to finally go away.  My skin felt better all around.”

“Feeling better than I had in a long time , more energy and less fatigue”

“I don’t “need” coffee anymore!”

“I felt grateful to receive such valuable information.  After just a few weeks, I began to drop weight.” 

“I have way more mental clarity”

“I love the changes in my skin!”

“I have lost 54 pounds!”

“I am now more confident that I can actually do this!”

“I am having fewer negative thoughts.”