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A Personal Tale

Posted on February 1st, 2017 by Piccarreto
Trail runner athlete using her smart watch app to monitor fitness progress or heart rate during run cardio workout. Woman training outdoors on mountain rocks. Closeup of tech gear.

For several years I have been pretty comfortable with my body, post-pregnancies. Running and eating healthy got me to a size that I think suits me. I have energy, I feel good, my doctor is happy, and my husband & kids love me. Picture perfect, right?

So, what happened?

I spent a Christmas gift card on upgrading my running watch. I wanted one with a heart monitor to learn more about me. What is normal for me at rest, while running, when I perform HIIT circuits… What is MY normal so that I can be aware if anything becomes abnormal.

This watch also tracks my steps. I set my goal at 10,000 per day. If I get those in during my morning run I try to get an extra 5,000 non-running steps in. So far I have been successful.

It also warns me to move if I am still for an hour. Whether sitting or standing it will vibrate and the screen reads MOVE! I know a lot of people ignore this, or turn the feature off. I decided to go with it. We can be watching a movie or playing a game and my whole family will get up! We walk circles in our living room until it goes off.

My husband and I also started taking a 1 mile power walk after dinner. While our kids shower and make their lunches for school, Matt and I walk the block around our house (so we can still hear the kids if they need us). We keep a steady clip and most days we actually break a sweat during that 1 mile.

How has this watch, my step goal and a small change in my evening routine affected me?

In 2 ½ weeks, I lost 6 lbs!

I swear to you, I did NOT think that I had 6 lbs to lose! It isn’t a noticeable loss, at least I don’t think so. My pants fit better, but I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t finally stepped on the scale.

What have I learned from this little trial?

  1. MOVEMENT MATTERS! No matter how big (or small), simply doing something for a few minutes at different times of the day can have a huge impact on your health!
  2. I LOVE this reminder to move. I am a naturally active person. Even I was shocked the first few days at how often it “yelled” at me. If I, a person able to move throughout the day accidentally becomes a victim of being stagnant… imagine how much more movement a person with an office job needs.
  3. I LOVE walking with my husband. Our kids are our world, but having those few minutes to chat uninterrupted makes it seem less like exercise!

If you haven’t already, find a free app and set a step goal! You might be pleasantly surprised by the difference this little step reminder can make in your own life!